Boa, Eric, Jeffery W. Bentley & John Stonehouse 2001 “Standing on All Three Legs: The Técnico as a Cross-Cultural Occupational Group.” Economic Botany 55(3):363-369. 



This article was published as a special report in Economic Botany. It defines agricultural extentionists and other técnicos as an occupational group, distinct from farmers and scientists. In the past, agricultural scientists have used técnicos as information brokers, to take ideas to farmers. In this article, we suggest that técnicos can also convey information in the other direction, from farmers to scientists, and we describe some simple methods for learning from técnicos.


The first paragraph reads:


“Putting a camera on a tripod can help a photographer get a clear picture. In the same way, seeing a set of knowledge through the eyes of farmers, scientists AND a third, neglected group—técnicos—can help get a clearer picture of local agriculture. The knowledge and experience of técnicos provides a forgotten perspective, which through its comparison with farmer and scientific knowledge, offers new methods for carrying out research.”


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